A downloadable pew pew pew for macOS

Pew pew pew!

  • (Team) Deathmatch –– with team damage always on.
  • There is no win state currently. There are scores though, for each player. No team score yet.
  • Supports 4 players.
  • Teams are Wizard Hats (protecting the wizard's treasure) and Gnome Copters (trying to steal the treasure).
  • You shoot each other.
  • Controls: X to join game with paired controller. Triangle to start game once everyone is in.
  • Controls: right stick to aim and move, and right bumper to fire.
  • Controls: Spacebar pauses/unpauses. Escape to go to menu (ending game).
  • We came up with this idea because we had art from another game we were working on and wanted to learn how to use controllers, as we've never used them before.
  • Our brainstorming process consisted of starting with this game immediately.
  • We did not address the themes and keyword.
  • Needs a Mac with paired PS4 or PS3 controllers. Connect the controllers before launching the game.

VIEW OUR DEVELOPMENT TUMBLR HERE: http://secret-lab.tumblr.com

Built by Secret Lab at TasJam 2015 on 12th and 13th September 2015. Visit our website, and our Twitter.


Gnomes And Wizards 1.0.zip 39 MB