A downloadable pew pew pew for macOS

Pew pew pew!

  • (Team) Deathmatch –– with team damage always on.
  • There is no win state currently. There are scores though, for each player. No team score yet.
  • Supports 4 players.
  • Teams are Wizard Hats (protecting the wizard's treasure) and Gnome Copters (trying to steal the treasure).
  • You shoot each other.
  • Controls: X to join game with paired controller. Triangle to start game once everyone is in.
  • Controls: right stick to aim and move, and right bumper to fire.
  • Controls: Spacebar pauses/unpauses. Escape to go to menu (ending game).
  • We came up with this idea because we had art from another game we were working on and wanted to learn how to use controllers, as we've never used them before.
  • Our brainstorming process consisted of starting with this game immediately.
  • We did not address the themes and keyword.
  • Needs a Mac with paired PS4 or PS3 controllers. Connect the controllers before launching the game.

VIEW OUR DEVELOPMENT TUMBLR HERE: http://secret-lab.tumblr.com

Built by Secret Lab at TasJam 2015 on 12th and 13th September 2015. Visit our website, and our Twitter.

Published Sep 13, 2015
AuthorSecret Lab
Tagsgnomes, wizards


Gnomes And Wizards 1.0.zip 39 MB